What we do to prepare for a Nor’easter!!

As I eat breakfast, I look out the patio doors & think “at last what a lovely snow day”!! As the snow drifts and winds howl outside, I’m very thankful for a warm & cozy home!!  I’m also thankful I was able to accomplish a lot yesterday to prepare for the storm!! On this post I’ll  tell you about what we did to get ready in case we lost electricity!!

Why would we lose Electricity?

We live in a heavily wooded state, that’s what makes it gorgeous!! Unfortunately it also means when there’s extreme weather trees can come crashing down!! Sometimes entire trees can be uprooted or break!! Limbs can fall on powerlines!! On the last storm we actually lost a few trees on our property!! That’s wild too!!


Most Mainers should have an emergency supply of water in case of severe weather or emergency however most people live in cities/towns where the water is provided by the city/town! We used to, but since we’ve moved out of town we now have a well! Our water also contains an unsafe level of uranium so we purchase gallons of water for our drinking water to begin with!!

Having Gallons of water is important in case the pump to your well doesn’t work in case of an outage 🙂 Depending on your generator and the way it’s hooked up to your house it may still be needed!! It’s always good to stock up on water!! Some generators can power everything some only the essentials like the refrigerator, and heating system or individual appliances sometimes too!!

The last storm we started out using a smaller generator that powered the refrigerator and heating but couldn’t also run the internet and television! We decided we were warm enough so we unplugged the heat so we can watch a movie 🙂 hey it worked! The following day we brought the bigger and more powerful Generator to power most of the house!!

Our drinking water from a gallon!!


This is just part of the produce I brought home yesterday!! The fridge is full & ready to make meals from!! Woo hoo!! I think everyone was at Hannafords yesterday it seemed like!! They were stocking up to!! This week we’re supposed to get two storms!! I’m excited!! Some people live many miles from the nearest storm, so with slippery and dangerous roads it important to stock up 🙂 like my My Father inlaw in Milton!!


So with power outages, you don’t know when the electricity will go off!! I was literally in the middle of washing wet jackets & doing a load of  dishes in the dishwasher when poof!! No electricity!! It was wild!! So now I know to make sure my dishes are done,& my laundry too!! If your well doesn’t work you have limited water so use wisely!! Like for your toilet!! The local news announcers sometimes mention filling your tub with water to use for flushing the toilets!! Ya I know, wierd!! But let me tell you it’s a very wise thing to do if you don’t have a powerful enough generator to power your house!




 our faithful friend!! 😂
This was from the last storm, it had to be brought down from the clubhouse area!!  Good job boys, this picture was from our last storm!! It needs to cleaned up abit as you can tell!! 😂  We’re so glad we have one!!

According to generatoradvisor.com

  • You can run the most critical household equipment with a generator rated at 5,000 to 7,500 watts. These include things like a well pump, refrigerator and freezer, and lighting circuits. A generator with around 7500 running watts can run all these appliances at once. For RV, a 3000 – 4000-watt generator would be ideal.

Candles or other light sources such as flashlights and other lights are important too!! So hope you’re stocked up friends 🙂 what I loved about our last storm is we had an impromptu candlelight dinner!! 😆

So before I moved to Maine I had no clue about some of the challenges faced in this winter wonderland!! Even in the spring they have similar challenges because of the heavy rainfall 🙂  I hope you’ve learned alittle something 🙂 Stay safe friends 🙂 Have a wonderful snow day!! 😘😘🥰


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