Super Cute Adventure-themed wedding idea you will love!!

Do you love the outdoors? Do you love those cozy feelings you get after a hot drink on a cold day??  Do you love picnics? or outings and adventures with your loved one?? Have you thought about incorporating your love of the outdoors with your wedding decor?

When I think about our outdoor adventures I think about camping, boating, ice fishing …etc  we love our thermos that comes along too!! How about beautiful red romantic roses?? When i put these two things together I thought this would make a beautiful centerpiece for a wilderness, nature or rustic wedding or gathering!! I love it!! A unique twist to a traditional vase!! The look you get signifies both love and adventure!! So if you and your significant other love the outdoors, then you will love this idea!! It’s  so cute too!!

It may be a bit more expensive than a regular vase if you’re a diy-er but maybe one or two added to your decorations and venue would be sufficient if youre on a limited budget! Metal coffee cups with shorter stemmed roses and baby’s breath would go great to add to this look too!! Or your choice of flowers!! There are also smaller versions.. like 16 oz thermoses too!!

The great thing about using this idea is, you can always use extra thermos’s and camp cups in your day to day life!! So it’s very practical also!!

I’m helping a friend with her wedding centerpieces, she chose red roses and baby’s breath!! SO beautiful, I love that the combination evokes romance!! Her venue is so elegant, her centerpieces I’ve made go very well with the ambiance, they are simple and elegant!

But when i got home the long stem roses along with the Stanley thermos, were so so adorable, cute and romantic too, they truly won my heart!!  💕💕


Pictured here is the 2 quart  Stanley classic vacuum bottle, Hammer tone green, truly a classic thermos!! Hope you love this idea!!


Thanks for visiting!!  Happy wedding or party adventures!!


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