Going Away Party-A Maine farewell!

Dinnah Party!!


A Maine farewell….

Looking for a way to send your friends off with good memories and alittle love!!  Here are some suggestions to inspire you to have your own Maine farewell or help you plan your own! Also you will learn alittle bit about Hunting and Lobsters!!  What a great combo!! Im not a hunter or anything but the orange a color I hadn’t worn in my life before moving to Maine is very fun!! I absolutely love it now!!

Parting is such sweet sorrow!! So what better way to say we will miss you and love you than throwing a party!! Gather up some friends, you can even make it a potluck and everyone can help create a delicious meal… that’s what we did.. it turned out great!! We had friends bring a variety of dishes and desserts, it was delicious and simple to organize and fun!! I made an easy crock pot chicken con crema dish that turned out very tasty (I promise i will blog some of my recipes in the future)  I hope the friends we had it for felt special too!!! I was inspired by a Maine themed party because they are originally from other places in the world and wont be coming back to maine other than to visit maybe.  So we included our Love of Lobster and my husbands love of hunting, which are both part of the culture out here!!

Lobster cake…

Here a two tiered vanilla buttercream frosted cake was specially made for this going away party!  The topper is an adorable Lobster i made which is sitting on top of a state of Maine shaped decoration that I also custom made!!! So cute!! I found it was easy for me to shape it by getting a print out of a lobster and Maine Map, both from the internet.. I used Fondant for this particular cake just because i had it on hand. I dyed it red, also used edible markers for the eyes 🙂 ..it  turned out so cute!!



Blaze Orange-Hunter Orange

Hunter Vest..our friends signed it with black sharpie marker
makes a great going away gift!! And a orange headband!!
a his and her gift!!



 Hunting in Maine

Hunting in Maine is one of my husbands favorite things to do!! Firearms and Muzzle Loader season is about a month long.. last year it was from October 30 to November 25 2017!! There are hunting hrs, strict rules and regulations for hunters to follow.. one of which is, you can hunt 1/2 hr before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset. Also Hunters have to wear two articles of hunter orange!! One must be a solid-colored hunter hat and the other must cover a major portion of the torso.. must be 50% hunter orange!!  For more info you can visit http://www.Maine.gov

For me this was very interesting because I’ve never seen such a thing, Living in Washington state!!  Things seemed much different, i lived in a small town but i guess i was a city girl!!  I notice People in maine really get into it.. so you will see people wearing orange during big game hunting season all over the place!!  And if you are or will be outside city limits during this time its super important to wear orange too!!  Even for your pets!!  So now i wear orange!! My kids wear orange and my dog will wear orange during this time!!

Making memories & sending our friends off with warm thoughts…

In Maine hunting season is such a huge deal, so how perfect to send my friends off with something Orange!!  So what a fun idea to include alittle bit of this maine culture as a going away gift..

I also made this cute orange headband with a cute bow!! Made with felt,  Perfect for any gal!! It looked so cute on my friend too!! A his and her combo gift!

I’m sure for your going away party, you can think of many ideas that either represent where your friends will be moving to! Or maybe they won’t be returning to the area you live in, can you incorporate an experience you’ve shared or that represent the state they are moving from?? Or could they be traveling out of the country or state for the first time, can you make their trip a bit special by getting some friends together and celebrating!! By thinking and planning ahead you can add that special touch and make your event successful!!

Maine Lobster



Lobster history

Lobster; also known as Homanus Americanus, the American Lobster is actually found in its greatest quantity in Maine, according to http://www.Maine.gov and Gulf of Maine research institute. It can also be found however along the coast up to North Carolina as well. Today Maine is the largest Lobster producing state in the Nation. Interestingly at one time Lobsters were used to feed prisoners. They ate it so often they complained and wanted it to be served just three times a week!! Wow, ill think I’d like three times a week!!! Yum!! In 1836 a company called Burnham and Morrill, B&M started to can Lobsters. This is So Interesting because now Lobsters are considered a delicacy and it really is a treat when you visit!!

Maine is the best place to eat Lobster!! I haven’t eaten it anyplace else, it’s truly delicious! I love it! I particularly love to dip it with garlic butter!! Yummo!!! Paired with coleslaw, baked potato and corn!!  Can’t forget the baked beans!!

In maine we are privileged to buy our Lobsters at Lobster shacks but prices are driven depending on where they are available from and the catch. Apparently we get Canadian lobster delivered here in maine during off season..

I don’t however recommend buying lobsters during the winter and beginning of spring if you are used to summer prices at the Lobster shacks!!

One thing i love about theses shacks are that you can pick up fresh lobsters or you can order them steamed and cooked for you! Takeout seafood!!! I absolutely love that when you order the lobsters already steamed for you they keep very hot in a brown paper bag which keeps them hot until the hubby Brings them home!!  Of course you’re doing the extra hard work setting up the table, mixing the coleslaw and warming the beans, corn etc.  so when he walks in ,,, wallahh!! A perfect Maine Lobster Dinner!! It’s probably the easiest dinner i have ever prepared!!  I usually do a Mexican taco dinner, burritos, pozole, enchiladas or some kind of dinner like that, so i love when i have a simple meal!! Can’t beat Takeout Lobster!! Love Love Love it!!

But sadly for this going away party, there was no Lobster dinner but the maine themed cake was so cute!! I was so proud to have made it, honestly i was pleasantly surprised!! When i was done i felt like the timer had gone off at a cooking show competition!!.. So like them I lift my hands up and say done!! Hahah!! Bon apetit!!


💗 Hope you love this Party idea, please leave me a comment, like and/or Share!! It’s been a wonderful experience seeing people read my posts!! Muchas gracias..  😘 happy partying!! 💗

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