Summer day in Maine

4824D426-594B-4E7C-9F8E-4DC0C40D77F8.jpegIf you’re at all familiar with Maine and how quickly the weather can change, today is no surprise!!  Except i dont ever remember summer coming so suddenly, and I’ve lived here for almost 20 yrs! Of course it will change throughout the week, but we will take it!! Kinda jealous of my weather guy on temperature gauge, hes at the beach! Lol! That would have been a perfect day for me, sipping on an iced Americano topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle!! My fav…. but with so much going on… we stayed close to home!! But well take this weather and enjoy our time spent together.. yassss… hope everyone enjoyed their summer day in Maine!! -gisel

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