Often our words can bring up emotion, they can cause pain or joy and happiness!! We can choose to use upbuilding and encouraging words or negative words that tear down. We have a choice as to what kind of words we will use throughout our day!! What will yours be?

So I’m starting another section to my blog entitled words… this idea comes from a book entitled, Positive Words Powerful results!! Some of the words that i will use come from this book, written by Hal Urban. This book is very insightful, i feel that it goes along with bible principles and passages that can encourage us as well.. definitely a great read!!

💕 💕Love 💕 💕

This word although a small 4 letter word can evoke a lot of meaning.. in a relationship, it can make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially if it hasn’t been uttered before. In a family structure this feeling from parents to children can add depth to conversation and words to our children. There are also different types of Love.  There has been Songs written about and for love.. so all around this Word is a word we all love to hear!!


A person that is kind, considerate and shows they care is known to be loving. So why is this word important? Because like the song says, “all we need is Love”  so why not show love to our friends and family and be loving… why not use the word “Love” more often.. When was the last time you used this word? When was the last time you meant this word? Some great things to think about!!

look out for more positive and encouraging words to use and think about.. feel free to leave a comment, suggest a word to write about and/or like this post!! Thanks . -gisel

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