Why take advantage of great weather & loving the sunshine!!

Oh how nice it was to get out for a one mile run!! I know it’s not long but boy oh boy it was nice to have the sunshine on my face & the breeze on my skin!!

Now that the kids are in school I have alittle more time to make exercise a priority!! I should say try because I want to be balanced!! Not always getting my run in but getting a run in!! Does that make sense? I want to go and make it part of my routine but if I need a day off, it’s ok :). I can be very determined at times but I’m noticing that because of that I can be yytdeteriorating my health & causing anxiety 🙂

How Beautiful to see the changes in the leaves & take in the sunshine!! So yes it’s great to take the time to get outside & enjoy the good weather & sunshine if you can 🙂 you will love it!! Do you enjoy running in fall weather? I’d love to hear your thoughts, I find that It really is great!!

Enjoy friends 🙂 Have a nice day!!

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