“Rock in the Park”, featuring Elvis Hot Air Balloon!!

Oh my Hot Air Balloon!! Last night was all shook up, with a ginormous Elvis Hot Air Balloon at the 26th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival!! Wearing Black shades, his famous White suit with gold stars outfit, he really was the star of the Show!! Unfortunately weather conditions did not permit for the Hot Air Balloons to Launch but the fun continued with Great Bands performing as well as the Balloon glow featuring the King of Rock N Roll!! All of which made for a fun night!!


Some of the entertainment was Imari and the Sahara Desert Dancers,



Deja Funt, and Sharon Hood and Dixon Road!! Both were awesome!! Loved Deja Funk rendition of Prince’s, “Purple Rain” Great Job!!


6A5C949B-8B58-4EEB-8217-523AB59B4D1CLoved Sharon’s cover of Amanda Lambert’s song, “Tin Man”. She was amazing!!

Love that this Festival is free and open to the Public!! Wonderful outdoor fun activity for the family!! Thanks for Reading!! Hope you are having fun too!!

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