For the Love of Hot Air Balloons!! 2018 Great Falls Balloon Festival fun!

Good Morning!! This morning’s launch was beautiful with many balloons going up!! Yes we are crazy, absolutely crazy for hot air balloons or else who would get up to be out the door to watch hot air balloons go up for 6am! Hahaha! This morning’s weather was just perfect for balloons to go up, very little wind, 66 degrees or so, sunny and just right!!

This weekend kicks off the 26th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival, with the theme  “Rock around the Park” being held August 17th-19th at the Lewiston-Auburn Waterfront and Simone-Payne Memorial Park, Lewiston. Launches take place at 6am and 6pm weather permitting.

The featured Specialty balloons at the 2018 Great Falls Balloon Festival will be The Elvis, Keystone Willy & ConAir, balloons from Oklahoma.

My kiddos and myself started our morning excursion from the Hilton Hotel in Auburn and walked the river walk into Lewiston!! It was just gorgeous!!

I absolutely love this festival, love the bright colors brought out in the skies by the balloons and the picturesque landscape of the river. And I especially love taking pictures of it all too!! A few years ago one of my pictures was an honorable mention, i was pretty proud of that!! This year both my kiddos took pictures and plan to enter the contest!! I think its pretty cute we were all taking pictures this morning and excited about the balloons.. if you live in Maine, hope you can enjoy the balloons this weekend!!


Simone-Payne Memorial Park

The lighting was great on these balloons!!


CEED625B-94E4-44F5-A55F-E414D6E13AA7View from the walking bridge!!



    • Aww nice!! Glad it brought back some good memories for you!! Balloons are so fun, happy colors too!! You’re welcome… if we’re lucky they may go up a couple more times, will share a few more pics!!

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