Simple Super Bowl 57 Backdrop, & Fun night with friends!!

This year we had the privilege of attending a Super Bowl Party at a friends house!! It was nice hanging out with friends that like football too!! I brought over a chili & enjoyed the game, the yummy snacks like the guacamole & jalapeño poppers &amp lots of chips, & desserts; I had the best Long Island iced tea too! Thanks to our buddy Kyle!!! 


As you know I love taking pics & I absolutely love backdrops for pictures, so my kids & I had a photo shoot with Buddy Magnum our mascot & labradoodle before we headed out!! We had so much fun!!
I love my new balloon pump!! If you don’t already have one, it’s a must have!! Also a backdrop stand!! I made this backdrop with plastic tablecloths & this balloon garland!! What do you think? I have another post on how to make this!! The final result was the picture above, we gave it an arch shaped hair cut!! Lol!!

Hope you had a wonderful time at your party!! Go chiefs!! Woo hoo!! What a game!!

To get this look, & some helpful supplies check out Amazon 🙂 I picked up the tablecloths at Dollar tree!!

Make any party fabulous with a fun backdrop!!

Also check out my Amazon influencer page for more ideas & cool stuff!!

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