Beach therapy day!! So lovely & relaxing!! Simple suggestions for you to have one too!!

Absolutely love the ocean and having beach days!! Today we took a needed break at Cresent Beach State Park here in Maine!! What a joy to hear the sound of the ocean, the sound of waves crashing one after the other and having the sun on my face!! Just loved it!! The kiddos loved it too!! On this post Ill share how you can have an easy Beach day too like it was for me today! Yay!!2004CD70-0F32-43D2-BAB1-864A099FD91D.jpeg

My kiddos absolutely love rocks, bella seems to be a Little Rock collector!! So we took a walk along the edge of the ocean and picked them up one by one until both her hands were full!! My son loved chasing waves and jumping in the water… unfortunatly we didn’t stay long and didn’t get into the water this time but we will return soon!!

Today was a perfect beach day, hot & muggy.. so the beach was amazing!! It was a bit overcast but absolutely gorgeous!! We did wet our feet, and that was truly a delight!! So refreshing!!

My greatest find was this beautiful heart shaped rock!! So cute!!


So we had a lot of fun!! Getting out with out help can be difficult sometimes but if you pack lightly any mom can do it!!  So today i just picked up a pizza at dominos, packed water and sunscreen beforehand and i absolutely love my sheet i use to lay on or have a picnic on!! Its light and fits well in my backpack!! Any bedsheet will work, i use what looks like a vintage one… I love it!!  A backpack is very important.. so My kiddos are 8 and 11 so it much easier now to get out and about but even if you need to pack the diaper bag essentials.. you can do that to, just add an umbrella and wa laaaa. Easy easy..    on our walk i just folded the pizza box, it fit nicely in my backpack.. and we carried on and had a nice little walk & enjoyed the beach!!

For you moms hope you can take even just a minute to relax, just lay on your tummy, close your eyes and take it all in!! The sound of the waves crashing, the ocean water and the sun!! That’s what i did and i loved loved it!!

Hope this was helpful!! Enjoy your beach day!!


*cute and practical thing i saw at the beach was this, the gal next to me had one, I think im going to buy one for when we want to spend the entire day at the beach, which we’ll be doing soon!! The lady took it down easy peazy… with her two little ones.. i though i need one of these!!


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