Venture out!! Loving beautiful places!!

Portland Headlight!! So beautiful!!  Wonderful place for a picnic, sightsee and apicturesque walk or just hang out and throw a frisbee around!! It’s One of my favorite places here in Maine!! It’s also beautiful all year round here too!!

The kiddos and I took our walk here yesterday, it was such a gorgeous day!! It’s Always nice to get out and clear your head from all the activities of the week!! I loved seeing all types of people and doggies everywhere!!  Some were probably tourists, some taking pictures and even families having cookouts!! A couple of guys were throwing the frisbee around while what looked like thier wives waiting for them on picnic tables!! Cute!! There’s such a nice vibe here too!! Love it!!

Hope you can venture out and enjoy the beauty of creation all around you!! So many things to be thankful for! For sure!! I love how we can see our Heavenly Father’s love from everything hes made too!!

Have a great day!! Feel free to leave a comment, share, Like and or Follow!! 🙂

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