How to throw together a great feast this summer at camp!!

As we’re starting this new year many people are making plans for the summer!! Here’s a camp story inspiration for you!! It bring back great memories and can give you inspiration to have your own feast at camp!!

On this occasion We had a couple of good friends and their families over at camp this year!! We had a blast!! The kids loved swimming & the adults loved hanging out & eating!! We had a wonderful feast too!! Yummo!! I made a spaghetti dinner with special fire roasted veggies & chicken & store bought meatballs!! Thanks Jenni for always bringing more than enough delicious food with you!! So when you have two cooks in the great outdoor kitchen it always makes for a great feast!! Woo hoo!!

Every year we camp at a remote location on Richardson lake, this years fun consisted of hosting two different families & my husbands Sister on another day!! It was great! Here was the day of the Grand Feast!

The feast

My plate minus the steak, & potato boats 🙂
Everything was delicious!! Potato salad is my weakness!! I should not have it but I love it!! So alittle now and again doesn’t hurt too much, right?? Lol!! 😆 😂
Steak cooked over a wood fire! Yummo!!

For desert we had store bought mini vanilla buttercream cupcakes, chocolate cake bites ,& oatmeal cookies 🙂

Our feast consisted of steak, potato boats Jeni wrapped together before she can which consisted of diced potatoes, red peppers, green peppers & onions with garlic in a foil pouch. I made the pasta, pasta sauce with fire roasted veggies; red peppers, onions & mushrooms, chicken & Turkey meatballs & provided the corn. Jeni made her famous potato salad, she brought with her from home!! Titi made a gorgeous colorful cabbage salad with a lime vinaigrette that she brought from home!! Yummo!! So go ahead and ask friends fo bring with them already prepared items like that 🙂 I find they are more than happy to help!!

It’s always fun having friends over to our campsite!! Time seemed to fly by!! We always have a blast, & this year because the water level was so low we had a spacious beach to enjoy together too!! So til next year and our next camping bash!! Yummm…

This is like amazing camp food isn’t it?? 🙂 the key is preparation, prepare ahead of time, purchase store bought items, like pasta sauce & meatballs, ask friends to bring some food, & grilling meat over the fire always tastes great! I love my camp stove too, it comes in very handy & my camp kitchen pans!! I love cast iron, it’s my favorite to cook on 🙂

Hope you will be planning some outdoor adventures this summer 🙂 have fun & hope you’re inspired to have your own outdoor fast at your campsite this summer!! Enjoy you’re adventures 🙂

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