Why it’s great to get exercise even on cold days, my adventure with Bruno!

Goodmorning!! So today it’s 11 degrees outside & Bruno & I are venturing out to get our exercise!! One mile run here we come!! I sure hope it can help me feel better too!

I feel for all the ladies who monthly have to endure all the painful changes that take place in our bodies!! I’ve been dealing with hormonal imbalance for like years now during those changes. It’s affected so many things, I hate it!! Unfortunately I’m at the age where a big change is going on and it’s appearing in awful ways like acne & inflamation!! And pelvic congestion syndrome!! Boo hoo!’ I had found some things that have helped but I’m trying to see if my hormones will balance themselves out & it doesn’t seem like it! So off to run I go!! And I will be taking my ibuprofen & Saw Palmetto gummies as well!! The saw palmetto seems to help 🙂

Our run along the lake!

Aww it was so nice to get out with Bruno! He’s so handsome & a great companion! He’s learning to walk beside me but he has four legs on the ground & I only have two so he needs to slow down!! Hahaha!!

We met another dog along the way with his handler!! I tried my best to hold him back from going towards the other dog but it being icy I just went along with him!! The other dogs owner said it was ok for Bruno to say hello!! It was cute! The other dog got on his back & tried to lick Bruno’s face! He didn’t know what to do!! lol!!

Then off we went again! The lake was amazing!! The view of the icy water & just the pure rays of the sun on it was outstanding!! It was sooo cold & icy so I got a picture from where it was safe!!

So after our Mile and even after going 1/4 mile I noticed I was feeling better!! I think what happens to is that if you’re a sensitive person like I am, you tend to feel everything and that can cause discomfort & irritability!! It affects your mood and thinking too!! So after moving all my limbs and taking in the gorgeous scenery I felt much better!! As I’m writing thing I’m think I’m so glad I went today!! I look back at the pictures of Bruno & am thinking this guy is so handsome!! gotta love this guy!!

So you know I am a believer that getting outdoors any time of the year is important, but I feel that it’s especially important in winter! Not only for your mental health but also physical health! We have very little sun during this time and it’s so easy to just stay inside & doing so hinders that vitamin D!! So I hope you can bundle up & get yourself outside 🙂

Hope you all are stay safe & healthy & have a great day!!


Thanks again!!

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