On our way to Ski, & what you need for gear??

We’re on our way to ski Mt. Abram!! Woo hoo!! Some excitement & some nervousness going on!! I’m so excited, it’s been a year since we’ve gone!! I’m so ready!! I hope my skills are too!! Lol!! My youngest is alittle nervous because it will be her second time skiing but I’m sure she’ll do well!! But what do you need to bring along with you when you go on a skiing adventure?? I’ll give you a few suggestions!!


Every activity seems to need it own gear, including skiing! So what do you need? Some people rent skis, others buy their own & bring them along!

If you rent at the ski resort or location. You often can rent skis, poles, & helmets! So you’ll be covered there but what about goggles?? No you can rent those, So it would be good to bring your own ski goggles!!

If you bring your own, of course you would bring along all these items plus you would need to transport them as well!! There are two types that I know of, one is a roof rack (open or closed) and the other is an attachment to the back of the vehicle! Which you attach to your bike rack!! We love our attachment!!


It’s so important to bring along your snacks, & drinks!! you can always buy at the lodge but during this pandemic it seems like it can be difficult to find hot chocolate sometimes!! Plus it’s less expensive to bring your own!!

Snack suggestions:

Hot chocolate



Granola bars

Sandwiches; peanut butter & jelly, ham, Turkey, hummus… etc etc



Trail mix

Fruit; apples, oranges, dried fruit

Ski clothing

What to wear to go skiing?? There are traditional gear like ski jackets, snow pants, or you can get a ski suit! There are so many cute ones to choose from now!! I’ve listed some in my Amazon suggestions…I’m hoping to get one soon!! One major item to have though is your warm thermals under your snow pants & layers!!

So we went on our skiing adventure, Mt Abram was such a charm of a mountain to ski on!! The views were gorgeous!! I’ll share that on the next post!! I did ok, the family did great & my daughter took a bad tumble & ended the day getting back on the lifts until closing!! It was a great day!!

Hope this is helpful for your skiing trip! Hope you’re having an amazing winter & enjoying the great outdoors wherever you’re at!!

Thanks for visiting!!

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