Cross-country skiing fun, a great way to enjoy winter!!

We had a wonderful time in Rangeley Maine!! We had a great weekend getaway!! We stayed at a cute Airbnb with a cozy camp feel, went sledding and tried Cross-Country skiing 🙂 I loved it!!

Cross-Country skiing is a fun way to enjoy winter and spend time outside and in nature! So many people complain about the winter months, I totally understand it’s cooooold!! But with the right gear, the great outdoors is wonderful!!

We visited the Rangeley Lakes Trail Center & took the tote trail to alittle past the bridge trail!! As a family we totally loved spending time together and for me and my kids it was the first time for 🙂 I have to be honest I fell right off & so did my kids!! But once we were on the trail and the groomed trials and put out skis in the grooves we were on our way!! My 10 year old right up front and speeding away from us!!

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