Slidding fun, Rangeley Maine Vacations!!

If you look closely, the kiddos are at the bottom of that hill!! Oh my!!

What fun it is to go slidding!! All you need is a good hill and a sled! That’s exactly what we did on a couple of our outings with the kids while on our Rangeley vacation this year & last year!! The kids had a blast !!

We found a Golf course alittle outside of the center of Rangeley and it was wondeful there!! Not too many people!! Perfect!! It was gorgeous too!!

Honestly after my slidding accident yrs ago where I tore my shoulder ligament or something, I shy away from it!!! This year I made sure to wear a helmet!! Safety first!! Sometimes I’m even abit nervous, I don’t want to break anything!! 😆. The kids had a blast though and I even took a couple of slow rides down a not so steep hill!!! That’s my speed!! Lol! Fun!!

We tried doing a chain of us going down at the same time!! We sorta failed, but the kids wanted to do it again!! They’re up for almost anything!! 😆

Sledding is so much fun and a great way to enjoy winter!! Hope you can give it a try, safety first of course:). Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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