How we prepared for our Rv road-trip, ideas to help you with yours!


Traveling in an Motorhome preparation

Are you ever 100% ready to take a trip? How about Road trips? Are road-trips in a RV an exception? I totally think so!! It helps relieve my anxiety about forgetting things!! I think as long as you have essentials then you’ll be ok!!  Why do I say this??  Well it’s a lot like camping, but it seems like more is required because you are taking your home with you everywhere you travel but while Rv-ing you can stop & pick up any essentials you need!! See You bring  along your cooking stuff, clothes, bathroom & shower stuff, vehicle stuff & I like to make some meals ahead of time!! Nothing  wrong with eating out  but if you’re frugal or on a budget & you forget something that can be purchased at the grocery store or Walmart, you just pick it up & you’re good to go!! These were my thoughts as I was scrambling to put everything in the Rv!! 

Things to bring on your Motorhome/RV Road-Trip  

  • cooking utensils, pots, pans (I found I absolutely love using a pressure cooker/instapot) so I brought this along on this trip!! Another tool I absolutely love is my garlic Press!! IKEA has one of the best!
  • paper goods- paper plates, bowls, paper towels, napkins
  • plastic silverware 
  • food-canned, & refrigerated items 
  • bathroom toiletries 
  • towels 
  • clothing.. yours & the families 🙂 I usually have everybody pack their own 
  • hubby packs his tools for maintenance & repairs 
  • emergency kit include a tire plug kit including wrenches & sockets & especially one that takes off lug nuts
  • 12 ton (hydraulic) jack or jack 
  • air compressor 
  • Newer Spare tire, (not an older one) 
  • Bedding 
  • extra blankets 
  • water 
  • Prepared food, fresh or frozen 🙂 
  • matches- lighter 
  • Meal plan 
  • apps 
  • sunflower seeds 
  • Cash
  • sunglasses & sunglass holder 
  • Sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • hydration packets 
  • garbage bags

On this Road Trip we planned on visiting The Grand Canyon, but came across some other special places like Canyon de Chelley, Zion National Park & Mt. Rainier National Park!! 

Rv/ Motorhome Meal preparation 

I love having meals prepared so that while traveling, you can get the nourishment you need, don’t have to expend energy cooking  & you don’t have to stop for a long time!! 
On this trip I also prepared breakfast sandwiches for the start of our trip, because  we were leaving at 2am 🙂 I just bought English muffins! Scrambled up eggs, added onions & seasoning & waaa laaa!! They were out in the fridge put together & microwaved in the morning!!

On this trip I purchased food containers at Burlington coat factory but you can purchase at Walmart or shop on Amazon for them as well!! They are so helpful to have on hand 🙂 & of course I had to pick up a few outfits to Bring along! Again Amazon or other places like Burlington would do!!


With everything in the motorhome 🙂 our coffees ready to go, sandwiches wrapped in foil for when we get hungry, we’re off for our summer adventure! Buddy, the Dog & all!!

Safe travels friends!!

check out my Amazon storefront if you’d like check out items that were helpful   on our trip !! &  Have fun traveling!! !!

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