What I Found at Mardens to fall in Love with this exquisite Hollywood regency flair Ashley bedroom set!!

So this is the bedroom set, don’t you just love it!!

 This is what i found at Mardens, I’m absolutely In love with this look!!  Love the glamour and jeweled sculptural pulls!! So stylish!!

This is my splurge for a frugal girl, my find at Mardens two for 79.00 each!! Sold at Ashley Homestore for 319.99 Dollars and On amazon for 243.20….big Score for me!!  Walmart even sells these…Unfortunately I bought the last two at the Lewiston Mardens but If you like this look,  amazon is the place to go…just follow this link 🙂 I didn’t find the complete set there but it made me find it online and fall in love with the entire set….

One thing I noticed with this particular store which is Ashley Homestore is that Maine does not have one, the closest are located in New Hampshire and Massachusetts but many companies in the area and furniture stores may carry this brand, but interestingly amazon can ship to your home!! Yay! And These particular pieces ship for free!! Which is even better!! Yay!!

 Pieces that go with the set or complement the look…

So these pieces make the set but if you’re a frugal gal like me, it’s also fun and easy to complement the look with pieces that go with this style and design! Go ahead and have fun!! That’s what I am going to do!! Here are some of my ideas… I feel there are different levels of frugality, some people are penny pinchers and this seems really expensive however if there’s a will there’s a way, the key is to save for it.. another thing is that I think it’s important to have a bedroom you can be proud of.. and want to be in so go ahead and make even little changes, even these can make a big impact!! Also there is what’s called an income tax fund, that’s when people make big purchases like buying a new bedroom set or bed, or other things.., a friend of mine splurged and bought a new automatic espresso machine!! What a great idea… so anyways there’s always a way to afford beautiful things 🙂 but it’s important not to compare with others just work with what you have!!

I was super excited to share this with you because I needed a night stand and am so excited to be able to decorate my new bedroom even though we’re still in the construction phase at our new house!! But That’s ok, it will all get done soon but at least I have something to look forward to, decorating and finding pieces for my new nightstands!! My husband was not overly excited when I showed him my find, he thought they were alittle too girly… lol!! That’s what I loved about them,, so a huge thanks to him for allowing me choose & buy these…they were put on hold at first, but after deciding together I picked them up today!! Thanks Mardens furniture guys for loading them in my vehicle!  You’re awesome!! 😘😘

In our last bedroom we didn’t have a choice whether to have a nightstand, it was so small we couldn’t have one, let alone two, so this is wonderful I can finally have a regular sized bedroom!! Yay!!

Thanks so much for visiting, reading and following along 🙂

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