Why go A beautiful mile, What’s your beautiful walk/run?

Good afternoon friends!! Hope everyone had a great day!! So the question of the day is, What does your beautiful mile(s) look like?

Here’s mine..

My run today consisted of a mile, it’s been a mile for abit & that’s ok!! I tend to injure myself so im taking it nice & easy! What does your beautiful run consist of? Is it one or more miles? Is it more like a walk? If is a walk, That’s ok too!!

I think it’s a beautiful thing to get out and walk or run!! It really is beautiful! No it actually wasn’t sunny out, it was overcast & the trees all around us have lost their leaves but isn’t it true that getting outside can be such a challenge sometimes, so today all I could think of was it’s beautiful to get out for a run!! That was my saying!! Do you have a saying you keep in you’re head for challenging days???

The last few days have actually been filled with pain, but today I was determined to get out! Unfortunately I suffer from the women’s monthly curse & hormonal issues that go along with it that causes inflammation:(. I was diagnosed with Pelvic congestion syndrome!! Boo!! It hasn’t bothered me much since I’ve started running but have had alittle stress in my life so I think it’s caused some problems!! But I’m back on the mend, The cure often is walking but haven’t been able to the last couple days.

So off I went & it was wonderful!! No Bruno today, he went to school with me to drop off my daughter this morning but maybe tomorrow he’ll take a jog with me too!! 😂

Hope everyone’s well!! Have a great night! Hope you can get your beautiful mile in!! Keep up the great work!! Hope you can also keep positive in these crazy times we live in as well!! Another thought; if you can just add alittle positivity to someone’s life they will appreciate it!! Not everything is impossible!! Even if your mind can’t get past something just look for a way to make it happen!! Just humor me and try!! Just a thought!! Thanks for reading, Til next time!! Adios….

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