Waterfall Rainbow!! & Always light at the end of the tunnel!!

Today’s inspiration comes from this beautiful picture. Rainbows make me happy, they are so beautiful….don’t you love them??…Hope you all are having a wonderful week and that it continues thruout the weekend!

It’s been a wild ride for our family and sometimes with so many things going on it can cause caos and lots of emotional moments and I must say I wasn’t handling them too well but I’m doing much much better…with lots of prayers, more prayers, encouragement and more encouragement I think I’ll be alright..so if you’re going thru a spell, hang in there,, like that tunnel…there is light at the end.. and maybe not a pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow but you can always come out of it stronger and wiser,,, hopefully wiser!! Lol!!

I loved this rainbow caused by droplets of water…. so beautiful… loved my lovely walk along the river too…had to share in hopes to brighten your day too!

Have a great one!!


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