Healthy eating, low Calorie Salad & Meal options to help keep your weight loss/fitness goals!!

Hey everyone!! Hope you’re well and having a great month! Today’s blog is encouraging you to choose healthy options for lunch, notice calories in your meal choices to help you stay on track with your weight and fitness goals!!

It is so important to be balanced! Some people are vegetarian, vegan, Flexitarian or otherwise but make sure your eating the right amount of calories for your body build and height!! Not too much and not too little!! Your body requires energy from food!!

A friend of mine is urgently in need of surgery and is being monitored by his doctor and on a very limited calorie diet, this is not recommended for individuals unless absolutely necessary!! He had to lose over 100 lbs… he’s down over 20lbs so far!! Keep going buddy! Wish him the best…This got me looking at calores and coming up with some meal ideas for him…(that can be a whole other post) it’s interesting how many calories are in our foods, meats, cereals, and even veggies!! They can add up quickly, so make sure you’re noticing your calorie intake or aware of them!!

One of the lowest calorie items out there that I’ve found so far is bagged salad, 15 calories at 1 1/2 cups a serving!! Wow!! No wonder healthy slim people eat salads!! Such low calories for bagged lettuce was surprising to me… but of course topped with your vegggies, meats, nuts, and dressing balances things out and gives you a satisfying lunch or dinner! The other thing it provides besides other things are vitamins and antioxidants!! Fiber too!! I love that!

There are so many benefits to including Salads daily!! Eating salad regularly which for me included eating more of a plant based diet has helped me keep my asthma and acne under control!! I Also have lost about 10 lbs with my changed diet and exercise! Yay!!

Salads can be expensive, yet so easy to put together at home! Here I added some color to this salad, it was my daughter’s idea to add mandarin oranges, I also added black beans and 1/4 avocado, onions and tomatoes! Served with balsamic vinaigrette!  Yummy!


Pair a salad with a soup, a slice a pizza or like I tell my hubby, a small leftover container with whatever casserole I’ve made…. ita a perfect match!! I eat vegan pizza this is yummy too! Add veggies drop the cheese, it’s yummy!!

Eating out & Fast food restaurants

So when I’m out and about I sometimes choose to pick up a salad!! With balsamic vinaigrette!! Yummy!! I advise you to becareful strictly eating kale salads, it can be very difficult for the digestive system, I found this out the hard way…maybe some people can tolerate it but I sure couldn’t!! Go with a blend if on a menu…

Most fast food places have a side salad option!! Wendy’s have a variety of salads available. Amatos was my stop yesterday… Ikea has a nice salad that was last Friday’s fun!! But mostly I like to make salads at home!!



Homemade Salads,

Homemade salads are always better, you can be as creative as you want!! Cheaper too! Sometimes I add only beans, black garbanzo or pinto, whole or fat free homemade refried beans to my salad, sometimes cottage cheese,., sometimes I add fruit, but I always hold the regular cheese, it’s very high in fat… not good for my face or someone who’s having weight issues, thinking of people like my friend….sometimes it’s a vegan salad, sometimes I add eggs and sometimes I add grilled  chicken 😉 the possibilities are endless really… just keep track of the calories in each item because you can risk the possibility of creating a very unhealthy fat filled salad too!!

So hope you’ve like this post, hope it helps your weight loss and health Journey! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting 🙂 coming soon two blogs one on winter walking gear guide, and water bottle guide, gifts for you using…Stay tuned!!






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