Always a great day for a walk!! Healthy living, one walk at a time!!!

Aside from a good balanced diet, getting regular exercise is so important!! My goal is to get out and walk/jog more often!! What are your goals?


Getting outdoors in this beautiful weather was amazing!! With kiddos in school, laundry going… it was good time to get out and clear my mind, and get alittle exercise too!! Good therapy enjoying nature too!! It was beautiful on the river walk!!



Bruno was my loyal companion today, he loved being patted by the older ladies that seemed to have some sort of walking club on the river walk, and several other people that wondered what kind of dog he was!!! I call him a Vizlador, but not certain hes that mix!! Hope to find out someday!! So 2 miles down today!! Yay!!

So its always a good day for a walk 🙂 “Healthy living, Healthy lifestyle” thats what im telling myself….it definitely a motto we can all adopt too! Enjoy your walk, thanks for reading!!

Check out the blog for more inspiring pictures and posts to encourage you to get out and Exercise!! We’re in this challenge together!!

Best wishes have a great One!! Thanks for visiting!!



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