A simple recipe to cook fish on a cast iron skillet!! Delicious!!

Remember those fish we caught the other day!! Wonder what we did with them? How i cooked them? I wondered how i would prepare them myself!! Ive never really cooked fish before but the White Perch we caught came out delicious, cooked on a cast iron skillet over a charcoal grill! So here I will share the recipe!! Super easy once fish is gutted 🙂



Fish Fry…I used a Cast Iron Skillet and cooked over a charcoal grill, added water for cooking to start off with , The fish were seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt, chili powder and squeezed ½ lemon or lime on each fish!! Apx 1/2 tsp of each seasoning… i just sort of sprinkle it on then Rub inside channel as well, yummy!! Then 1/2 Onion  was cut up and put on top of the fish on the skillet. I put 1/2 cup of water in skilled to cook the fish.. to reduce amount of fat… .then after the water dissolved, add a pat of butter to the skillet and also to inside fold of fish!!! Adjust accordingly!! 

Continue to cook, turning and checking to see if is done apx.. 15-20 mins.. per side..  I used a charcoal grill, cook time varies on this type of fire..so keep an eye on it!! Lol!! Hahahaha

So it was my husbands idea to leave fish in one piece, just gutting the insides and not cut the head off!! I thought it was a great idea!!!! It reminded me of My step dad he cooks this way too, he loves to eat the eye balls, gross!! Had to share that story, because my daughter threatened to eat them too.. nooooo….yucky.. i guess it would be a good science experiment or food challenge!! Lol!!

Enjoy your fish fry!! I will keep this recipe handy if we ever catch fish again…. it was so yummy!!  Bon Appetite!! Thanks for reading & have a nice day:)

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