Hiking Meal Packs!! Great ideas for your Emergency kit, Go Bags!!


Great find today at one of my favorite stores called Mardens, Marden’s Surplus & Salvage!!  Where you can find deals whether from bankruptcy courts, train wrecks, and salvage!! You will love the theme songs too, that “you should of bought it when you saw it at Mardens”!!  It’s so true because inventory changes that quickly!!


Today I bought a Lunch Pack, as advertised it provides a lunch for two people!!  These were from the Boy Scouts of America in New Mexico and due to the threat of Wildfires many of their backpacking trips were cancelled as the Mardens sign brings out resulting in an excess of hiking meal packs!!  Left over meals are also sold on their websites http://www.Philmontscoutranch.org, here Mardens bought over 60,000 meal packs!! These packs are great for camping, traveling, and snacks on the go!! The pack I bought included 2 packages of premade chicken, Sunflower seeds, 2 drink packages, a box of Saltine crackers, oatmeal cookies and a caramel flavored Walffle snack!! The price was awesome too!! There were also many more varieties at the store 🙂

My kiddos and I loved our pack!!

These packs would be wonderful for an emergency kit or go bags in case of a Natural disaster or in case you had to flee from your home for an emergency situation!! Or for the east coast in case of blizzards and nor’easter or loss of electricity!!   Check out the website, here you can also get meal ideas for your kit 🙂

This year’s supply is sold out, im thinking because Mardens and other stores probably bought them out, but 2019 Meals are anticipated to be available in September 2019 🙂

Philmont Scott Ranch


2018 Trail Food Menu:



Have fun wherever your adventures take you, thanks for reading 🙂  if you’re in Maine, check out Mardens for these and other yummy snacks while supplies last there 🙂





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