Exciting day with Water Purification system & chicken tender & mixed potato dinner!!

Today was a monumental day here at our home!! It’s been two years & we’ve had to buy gallons of water due to high levels of uranium until today!! We got a system put in to remove radon, uranium & the hardness in our water!!

The guys at Mr. H2O Dunbar water were wonderful!! They were professional & very informative letting us know what we need to do to upkeep the system!! I asked lots of questions so I understood what was going on, even though my husband know this stuff!! This system was by no means inexpensive however water & clean air is a necessity!! It’s highly recommended to check your water especially if you have a dug well!! If you live in the city, the city I would imagine tests & treats your water 🙂

For Hard Water, Radon & Uranium!!

Water purification systems bought at Home Depot or online will not take uranium out, unfortunately a special system is required!! We so appreciate someone came up with this 🙂

For dinner I made a simple chicken tender dinner with a mixture of sweet potato and regular potatoes in the oven and onion flavored BBQ baked beans & for me three tortillas for tacos!! Yumm!!

So tonight we’re going to bed with full tummies & good vibes knowing our air quality has improved!!! I have not taken a drink until Wednesday’s test comes back but my husband says it’s delicious 🙂

The other exciting thing is we got a new printer & I absolutely love it!! It’s been over 10 yrs with our last one!! When the 80 dollar ink you’ve bought no longer is doing the trick, time to get a new one!!

HP Neverstop Laser Printer 1001nw, Wireless Laser with Cartridge-Free Monochrome-Toner-Tank (5HG80A)

Hope you are well!! Have a wonderful day!!

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