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Lovely Social distance hike with friends!!

Hiking!! What a wonderful thing to do, and get together with friends in a safe way!! It’s been so challenging to get together in normal ways during this pandemic with friends won’t you agree?But getting outside for a hike is an activity with less risk involved especially if you stay 6 feet apart & wear a mask 🙂 unfortunately cases here in Maine are rising & hospitals are being bombarded by more people being infected, so it’s not the time to let down our guard!!

So our adventure today, and our last day of vacation took us to Bradbury mountain 🙂 we had a wonderful time 🙂 it was abit windy but very pleasant!! I was alittle worried we needed our winter gear but it wasn’t that cold!! 😀 yay


These are pics from the summit of Bradbury mountain!! A fella was up there looking for Hawks 🙂 he said it was a slow day 🙂 

So if you’re up for a walk in the woods with a friend or your family, nows a great time to do it!! Hiking can be so refreshing, fun & inspiring 🙂 Now that it’s spring, it’s perfect!! 

What are  your plan for tomorrow? We are maybe doing alittle gardening… Hopefully some fun projects coming up soon!! What are some of your gardening projects??  Hope you can get out and enjoy nature either way!! Check out the All Trails app for suggestions around your area!! Have a wonderful day!! 


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