The Best snow making snow ever, & Snow day fun!!

Ahh….Snow days!! So much fun here on the east coast!! Where you can enjoy the outdoors and spend time with the kids!! Here is what we did on this snow day fun!! Plus enjoyed oatmeal cookies!! Yummy!!

Snow day

Yesterday was another wonderful snow day!! The snow itself was amazing…one minute my kids are starting their snow balls the next a ginormous ball resulted from rolling!! Wowza!!  We were able to spend the afternoon and evening outdoors as it was beautifully mild and although still snowing it was amazing watching the flakes fall!!

Igloo day


Check out my sons Igloo, our first we’ve ever made!! It goes a lot faster and easier with help!! Before he gave up..I helped pack snow then place some on top towards the last layer.. he did awesome!! We also had help from the internet with arranging the layers! Thanks google!! 


Snowman making fun

So here’s what happened after a few short mins….. wowza!! She’s never made anything so big!! If Really was great snow!!


Snow family:

If you look closely you’ll see the Dad snow man is carrying a snow baby! The second leaning person, the momma is carrying a baby too! The last is brother!! I was able to help with this project!! So cute isn’t it??


Choc chip Oatmeal cookies


So what do you do when you need alittle sweet pick me up? What do you do when you need alittle project for you kiddos to do too?? How about asking your teen to help make cookies!! There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet treat now and again right?? I don’t eat chocolate often but these were delicious!! He did an awesome job, I found a yummy recipe online, check out his creation…. with the help of a handy kitchen aid, he was able to follow recipe!! A kitchen Aid makes baking anything a little easier!! I helped him alittle too!!

So we had a great snow day, enjoyed the snow!!  Being outdoors can be so much fun!! Happy future snow days and rest of the winter!! 😘😘❄️ Thanks so much for visiting and following along 🙂

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