Winter adventure fun!! Thrilled to be jogging again, & Helpful tips!!


Winter can be a drag for some people sometimes but if you keep active and find ways to enjoy will go be so fast! Winter activities including Jogging is a great way to keep active and have fun!! I’m so loving it!!

Lately I’ve been slowly getting back into jogging!! I think this is so great because I had a precios injury I was recovering from and haven’t jogged for a while!! Its also so encouraging to see my family get out and jog with me!!  I love seeing them huffing and puffing too and We all feel great afterwards… it’s only been a few times but the more we do it, I know the easier it will get! So take courage, It can be that way for you if you decide to get started!!

I absolutely love walking outdoors, especially when I can schedule it into our already busy lives..I’m really enjoying getting out and especially jogging now too!!

A general rule to start jogging is if you can walk steady for 45 mins then you’re ready to run when you’ve regularly walked about this much on a regular basis…,so building up gradually is a good idea if you’re a beginner!!! Slow and steady is always best when you’re starting out!! Also you can jog in short increments, walk and build your time up so you can eventually runs a mile or the Miles you desire!! I’m barely up to a mile with some breaks 🙂

I’m totally prone to injury so I’m taking it real easy but I’m thrilled to get back out there!! Another thing that will help prevent injury is to do strengthening exercises for your legs and core muscles   🙂 this is especially important as you get older 🙁

My Jogging Goals

Life has been a bit hectic around here with sickness and my son getting a concussion!! But I’m determined to get out and jog regularly!! Maybe even do another 5k this summer!! We will see!!

Do you have a schedule to help you exercise? Routine that you like? Place you like to go? Goals? If you do, great job.. I’d love to hear about it!

Benefits of Jogging

A wonderful part about jogging is that it will help keep the weight off, tone your legs and glutes especially if you’re running uphill!! 🙂 whittle your middle and help you mentally which in Turn helps you be a happier you!!

I got on the scale the other day and I’m keeping the extra weight off. Yay.. I love the feel of a good jog, it produces feel good you feel happy!!

We have a great area in our neighborhood, we have downhill and uphill stretches all along our road! So it makes it a good place to walk/run and abitchallenging!! Yay!!

So jogging is a wonderful way to get out and exercise during any season, slow and steady is always a good pace!! The most wonderful things will happen, like it makes winter go by much more enjoyably and you’ll look and feel great too!!

Thanks for visiting, Reading and following along 🙂 Happy trails!! Best wishes on your health and fitness journey!! I hope to be inspired and inspire others to live a happy healthy life as part of my blogs 🙂  follow along…please share


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