10 Ways to feel better if you are discouraged :)

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I will always remember how a friend of mine, dying of cancer would always say he was fine just as long as he didn’t get discouraged!! So up until his last day he was always so positive and when you visited him in the hospital, he was the one encouraging you!! Even when he was saddened that he’d be leaving his dear wife behind and worried about her, he Always kept things positive!!! I have always admired him, he was always so kind and had a loving way about him!!

I feel though that sometimes we ourselves can be in situations where we feel down and maybe even stuck in a rut of negative emotions!! so how about we brainstorm together and find ways to help us overcome our discouragement!! Here are some things I’ve thought of…

1- finding out what’s discouraging you?

2- What can you do about it? How can you feel content with the situation?

3- look for the good in your situation!! What can you appreciate?

4-can you make a change for the better? Can you even take one small step toward that change?

5-How can you help others? Who can you help?

6. What can you do so your not focused on the problem(s)?

7. Do you need to see a doctor? Therapist? Please don’t ever feel ashamed to do this, we all need help from time to time so going to a doctor can help diagnose or prescribe meds If you’re dealing with depression or another medical problem if necessary!

8. Do you have a caring friend you can share your feelings with? Can you call that friend or make plans to meet up? Remember to also share good things with that friend too or include them in the good times in your life!!

9. Prayer

10. Exercise, getting outside for a walk or a hike can bring on good feelings 🙂


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I love listening to positive information found at JW.org 🙂 there is a wonderful article on stress relief….hope you can benefit from that too…  another típ is watching a funny movie or feel good movie 🙂 Have you watched the price is right or let’s make a deal, believe it or not it so much fun and uplifting too!! My dad watches everyday, this brought me joy somedays when I was recovering from surgery although I don’t watch it regularly!!  😂

Im sure you can think of other things that can help!!  If you’re the person a little discouraged, hope you feel better soon!! Also remember what the Bible says focus on one day at a time; so you’re not overwhelmed!! Matthew 6:34 says “So never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Each day has enough of its own troubles…..so focus on the present, plus tomorrow can be a better day for you, or you can think tomorrow will be a better day….so positive thinking is always a good thing!!

So you just can’t get discouraged!! If you do, try to get encouraged again 🙂 Hope these suggestions help you!!

Have a wonderful day!!!  Thanks for visiting 🙂


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