Fabulous Super Bowl Party! Loved the friends, food & fun!!

What a game!! Gooo Kansas City Chiefs!! Hope everyone had a wonderful time Sunday!!  What was your favorite part of the evening?? Food? Game? Spending with friends? Half time show? Or the commercials? Or maybe Everything?

I was so excited with how our Party decoration turned  out, house prepping for the party was so much fun!! Did you know I love party planning, especially decorating!! Planing menus and being creative?? If you didn’t already know that, now you know how much I love it!! I also love getting together over food with friends and family!! We had a wonderful time!! Life is better with friends & family and sharing good times with them isn’t it!!

In Todays post I will share a few highlights of our night and also inexpensive decorating tips for your next football or any type of party!!


Unfortunately  some of our friends were sick so they couldn’t make it but we had a wonderful group of friends that we enjoyed spending time with!!  I especially love watching the game with girly friends that love football!! They make it so much more fun!! Thanks Edna and Penny!!

Food & Drink


Can you ever have enough food at a party?? No, my motto is you should always have more than you need!! We sure did!! Yummy food too!! Here’s our spread!! Not pictured, taco meat and chili!! Wowza… we had loads of guacamole, hot and mild.. a spinach and artichoke dip, plant based layer dip, regular layer dip, chips & salsa, special spicy avocado mayo made by my buddy Shannon, bbq bourbon chicken skewers, it was my first time making, they we’re a hit!! All types of wings made by Elen, potato wedges, salad, dressing, coleslaw, flour tortillas for tacos and cornbread!! Yummmmmmo!

Drinks included lemonade, punch, beer, sangria, a special Brazilian drink, water, coffee, soda….. big pitchers are a must!!


Caipirinha drink.. a special Brazilian drink make with cachaça. So delicious!

Super Bowl Party decorations!!

My favorite was the balloon Garland I created, I was pretty happy with how it came out!! Red throughout yo represent both teams  and one side showing either Kansas colors with yellow or gold for San Francisco!! gooo Kansas!!

I cant express enough how easy a garland is to make with a balloon strip and balloon inflater!! Available at Walmart and Amazon, stores that I know sell them so far…

So we had a wonderful time celebrating at our Super Bowl Party!!  Backdrops and a desserts table always makes your space festive!! Loved loved how everything turned out 🙂

Hope you had a fun night too and enjoyed some of the ideas I’ve shared in this post, maybe you can use one at your next party!! If you get a chance to try the Brazilian drink sometime it is wonderfully delicious!! Yummo!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting 🙂 Happy Partying!!

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