Loving our fun snow day @ Our New Country Cabin-like Home!

Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast and watching the snow come down and playing outside, what a perfect morning in my book!!

I love our snow days….my description of a snow day is when schools are cancelled and most school aged friends and stay at parents are safe at home and toasty warm!! I just Love it!! It’s so relaxing and we get to play Outside!! Yay!!

Here are my made up pumpkin pancakes… I just followed a recipe I came up with and added pumpkin and extra spices..! Yummy… They came out so fluffy!! I will post recipe soon, if you want to try it sometime!!


Kids got to slide in our own yard, I absolutely love that!! Being this is our first winter here, I was so excited the kids could just gear up and go outside to go slidding!! When we lived in town we had to walk alittle ways to the park, which involved alittle more efffort but now I can watch the kids play from my kitchen windows and doors whenever they want to go outside 🙂 I even joined in on the fun alittle!  I went down once, it was fun…no I didn’t have my helmet on… oops…If I wasn’t still sore in places from the costochondritis, I would have spend more time playing than watching but that’s ok!! Another time 🙂

Here the kids sliding and my son intentionally falling and crashing!! Lol! He loves pretending to be hurt, always scares me at first!! Lol!

Hope you’re well and keeping warm!! Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful winter wherever you may be found!!


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