DIY Easy & stylish chip or snack baskets for your Party!!

Do you need a special way to serve chips or other snacks and have them displayed nicely on your buffet table or party?? 

Im always looking for a way to serve chips along side a dip, I’ve tried using bowls, small plates, even coffee filters!!! They all work but they don’t look that nice, here’s a simple solution I came up with to help you serve chips in a sleek and sanitary way… I hate just having bags of chips out, where lots of hands reach in and out of… tell me what you think?


Baskets can be found at the dollar store, 4 for a dollar!! Can’t beat that!!

Dollar store is awesome.. roughly 25 each, or 4 for a dollar!

Ítems needed:

1. Baskets!! Like I mentioned, the dollar store is the way to go!! But if black is your color here’s a good deal at Amazon!

here at Amazon this pack is roughly .34 cents each but If it goes with your decor it would be perfect too and you don’t even need to paint!

I must say i Loved the way the metallic came out, it went well with the black tablecloth!

2:Spray Paint. I used the Rust-Oleum metallic finish spray, it came out beautiful!!



1. Spray one side of the basket allow to dry then spray other side!! I sprayed my baskets on cardboard and worked one at a time 🙂

2. Let air dry, if needed retouch again! So Easy!

Results: Here are my baskets served along with my favorite layered dip!! That’s easy to make also…

Best Dip ideas for your Super Bowl Party: Layered bean dip!!

*basket liners are recommended then your guests can simply add dip to the basket…I was in such a rush so I just used the baskets to distribute chips!
*Another suggestion is setting up directions on a small stand along side this part of your table, kindly directing your guests how to use baskets, and letting them know to return and stack when done…unfortunately some people may still pick at the basket of chips if not…

Thanks so much for visiting, hope you like this idea as much a do!! Have a wonderful day!! Happy partying, I love dinner parties especially!! And football!!


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