Why not Take a Jog during your hour long Lunch break???

Hey everyone!! Hope you’re well!! It was such a beautiful day wasn’t it for November?? It was abit dreary, some drizzle but by midday it was overcast but nice!!

Hey whatcha going to do when you have an hour long lunch break? Especially Hmm after sitting for 3.5 hrs?? go for a jog of course!! I figured it took me at the longest 15 mins with Bruno, in case he had to do his business but either way I could get back in time to get cleaned up & a small lunch & wala it worked!! Sometimes you just have to get outside & take a brisk walk or jog!! Why can’t you do that when your at your lunch break on a work day?? Try it!! Even if you walked 10 mins?? If you had a 30 min lunch break 🙂

Hope you can escape your chair & enclosed space & get out for a walk 🙂 you’ll love it!! Hey & it will help keep you healthy, lower your cholesterol & help take those pounds off!! Plus your buddy like Bruno will love it too!!

Best wishes!! Have fun! Thanks for reading & following along!!

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