Got my Booster today, & my 11 year old got her first COVID-19 vaccine!!

Wednesday was a grand day, as it was filled with appointments, first a dentist appointment & a spontaneous vaccine appointment for my 11 year old daughter & booster for me & the hubby!! Why not, right?? 😆

She was so brave!!

My husband was able to find an appointment for our daughter!We we’re able to get a walk in for our booster shot!! Yay!! Because we were with an under 12 year old we went to a area for the 11 & under category & received our booster there too!! This was abit of a mistake for me because the gal made me scream 😱 oops did I do that!! It was more the technique that caused the pain, it was more of a stab than anything!! But I managed to keep cool after my husband reminded me we didn’t want to cause the kids coming in to be scared!! 😂 😂 I had been rubbing my shoulder because it hurt so bad!! 😂 😂 at least the lady was super nice!!

A cute thing I notice when we arrived was this really awesome sticker!! Who doesn’t love Dr. Shah!! Everyone, right!! Do you have a Cool CDC director like we do?? He’s become such a celebrity here!! Love it!!

So Vaccines for 5-11 are available here in Maine at various locations & Boosters are open to the public & available too!!

So it was a very eventful day!! I’m tired & slept well! I just got a-little tired from the vaccine but other than that it’s been 3 days later I’m fine! My hubby on the other hand, got sick! Fever, chills & headache 🙂 he’s been able to go to work but is on the upswing 🙂 & just laying low 🙂 we’re not complaining, it beats a ventilator anytime 🙂 😂 😂…

Take care friends 🙂 stay safe!! 🥰🥰❤️❤️

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