My favorite Lighthouse & ice cream fun, on school vacation week!!

Hola guys!! How are you? Hope you’re all doing well!! So this week is school vacation for many schools here in Maine!! So we’re changing things up a bit this week in hopes we keep things fun & interesting!! You know how it is with kiddos!! So it was time to take a drive to my favorite lighthouse & pick up ice cream!!

It’s always good to change up your routine now and again!! I think it’s so important living in this pandemic life to get outside safely, 🙂 make sure to wear your masks,  & explore alittle!!

We chose to visit Portland headlight after picking up lunch at Taco Bell!! One of our favorite fast food places!! Lol!! My kids love the 5 dollar Chalupa boxes!! I of course order a lower in fat item,  A bean burrito without the cheese & red sauce, add rice & usually lettuce :). It’s My favorite with alittle mild sauce :). Then it was off to visit the light house!! It was so gorgeous!!
Next time we go I’d like to pack a picnic lunch, bring our bikes, kites & football & frisbee’s and stay all day!!

We were glad we just went to walk & check out the views, because when we got back to our car it started to sprinkle abit 🙂 we got lucky!! 😂

For the Ride home we stopped for Ice Cream at Reds, in Cape Elizabeth!! Their soft serve is delicious, my kids splurged on Nor’easters which are like McFlurrys!! Yummy!! My son chose coffee ice cream with sour patch kids candy!! Hmmm!! Interesting choice but in keeping with changing things up abit, it’s so fitting!! Lol!! 😂  My daughter chose salted caramel with cookie dough bits!! Yummy!! They were both delicious, I was allowed a spoonful or two!! Yummy!! I’m trying to be good especially after a week of Whoopie pies!! 😂


After the Pandemic you’ll have to visit this iconic Lighthouse!!  It’s my favorite, can you see why??

It’s a fun place for a picnic, flying kites & just relaxing!! Have a wonderful rest of the week, stay safe, thanks for visiting 🙂

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