It’s a great time for a Flannel, Fire & Pozole Party!!

Yumm!! Yumm!! Yumm!! I must say if you haven’t had pozole yet it is delicious!! It’s a Mexican pork or chicken type stew, with hominy & lots of deep spicy undertones!! This soup pairs well with lots of condiments like cabbage, cilantro, onions, oregano, tostadas, radishes, limes, & avocados!! I’ve even thrown in cheese in case you want alittle cheese too(not traditional)


Fall/winter is a great time to have a pozole feast!! Throw in warm flannel as a theme & this makes for a cute & fun time!! & Because we’re living in a pandemic world couple all this with a warm fire!! Yaaas!!

Here’s some of my condiments!!

Here’s my set up!!


Pozole is a labor of love, it can be prepared alittle easier if you already have the meat cooked. I’ve seen other cooks use rotisserie chicken but you miss out on the authentic flavor!!

For this Party, I made 2 types of Pozole, one pork & the other chicken!! I could have fed 50 people, I’m Not joking either!! 😂 I also made a mushroom vegetarian stew that came out delicious!!

Flannel Backrop

We really had a wonderful time!! Here is what I made for our backdrop!! It came out pretty cool!! It’s easy & was fun to put together (I love being creative)!

Material I used: a card board, foam board, flannel material, hot glue & glitter & spray paint!! I free handed the writing but you can get stencils or print something out on your computer the size you want & trace out on the card board or foamboard! Cut it out with a box cutter knife, sandwich your material between both boards cut to size, and hot glue the material then the back foam piece to the back. Doesn’t it look cute?? Someone asked if It was wood, thanks but no it isn’t!! 😂 so here’s an idea if you need to make a DIY sign 🙂

We also played volleyball which one of my friends was abit completive so says my daughter!! Lol! I was surprised both my older friends played too!! & they were good!! 😂 slick moves!! Good job Luz & Brenda!!

So we had a wonderful night, of love laughter, yummy food as we were styling in flannel!! I’m having so much fun entertaining in our rustic outdoor patio!!

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Thanks for visiting!! Happy fiestas!! Mainechica signing off 🙂

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