Blaze Orange Style, also Keeping Bruno safe during hunting season!!

Hello everyone!! How are you?? Hope you’re well!! As you probably already know it’s hunting season here in Maine & maybe also around where you live!! So I’ll share with you what I do to keep myself & the family safe including bruno!!

It’s hunting season!!!So you’ll probably be seeing trucks pulled over on the side of the road in places & hunters wearing their blaze Orange gear with forearm with them too!! & sounds of gunshots here & there!! Wild but true!! When I lived in Washington state it wasn’t like this but being here in Maine over 20 years now it’s the culture & normal you’ll experience!! I’d rather this a thing to whats out west unfortunately…but that’s another story!!!

Deer Hunting season in Maine according to starts November 1, 2021-Nov 27th for firearms. Muzzleloader season starts State wide on November 29th-December 4th & 11th for designated WMD’s. Expanded archery Sept 11-December 11th!! If your interested in Archery, youth day & Maine Residents day visit the website :). So what do we non hunters do with this information? Well we would cautiously wear our Orange or red & protect our pets with Orange or red too!!

Last week I heard shooting around our neighborhood on the outskirts of town!! So now when I go out I make sure to wear my Orange!! My kids mostly too! I figure we’re all together so if most of us have Orange on then we’re ok!! We don’t normally venture in all directions & stay on the main roads anyways. My dog is the coloring of a deer so it’s important to put his bandana on!! My husband put an Orange vest on him one day!! He looked so cute!!

Bruno with his orange vest!! 😂 😆 it’s literally a vest we put on him!! They sell some cool ones on Amazon but I made him a bandana instead 🙂 link at bottom if you want to get one on Amazon for your dog!!

If you live in an unorganized township make sure to wear Orange at all times, even Sunday my mother in law advised!! Just to be on the safe side 🙂 I took her advice 🙂

I’ve never gone hunting & I don’t think I will unless I needed to for food, but my husband does & he enjoys walking in the woods!! He hasn’t gone out this year and may not this year, he injured his ribs a couple weeks ago & should rest!! He will have to hold on to memories of one he bagged many years ago!! The antlers are displayed on our entertainment/bookcase built in in our living room 🙂 I can’t remember what the deer tasted like but I’m sure we enjoyed it!! Sorry hun maybe another time, I guess we’ll just have to lay low together or maybe he’ll tackle another project instead 🙂 😂

I hope you keep safe & wear your Orange when you’re walking or exercising near the woods/countryside 🙂 here’s a picture of some of my runs this week..…

Style up your orange!! Simply tie it in the front! This is an extra large, walls brand vest

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!! Thanks for visiting 🙂 have fun & stay safe all you hunters out there 🙂

Have a great day!!

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