You are missed!! & Ways to show you care!!

It’s those special little things that melt our hearts and make us smile right now!!
My daughters school posted a special video with staff telling the kids they are loved and missed, using signs, pictures, gestures and other things!! So sweet, it made me have a lump in my throat!! It was so sweet!! So thoughtful and made our day!! I don’t know most of them but it was so sweet!! Just this  words… I Love you! Miss you!! Can’t wait to see you again!! Hope  you’re well!!

This time in history has certainly been hard on everyone.. parents, kids, teenagers, individuals.. everyone!! But remember you are missed and people do care even though it might not be their nature to be outspoken with feelings. Could be people you work with… went to school with or places you’ve frequented, many May never have said those words directly but who would have thought we wouldn’t see many people again for a long while!! Even if you see them on zoom, it’s not the same!!

I believe everyone should feel loved, cared for and important So even though you don’t have a video to tell you… you are missed!! But also Can you think of others that might be reminded that everything going to be ok!! Or ones you can think of that you miss or may need encouragement or that you can reach out to??
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic illness and death there’s so much good out there, so much love being shown so hopefully you’re receiving alittle Of it and showing it too!!!
Have a wonderful day and hang in there!! This too shall pass!!

Here are some flowers to brighten your day!!


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