Shaking the “grumpies” out Walk!! Sometimes we all need alittle encouragement!!

Hope you are all well!! Hope this post makes you smile…. because i think we all have those days that we just have to shake the grumpies out!! So that’s what we try to do, I’m finding that It isn’t just me that benefits from a long walk!! We can all shake these grumpies and anxiety out, kids too!!

On these walks…my son made me laugh because he went ahead of us and wrote messages along side the road! Then a couple days later my daughter and I left messages for him!! He wrote us that he’s watching Lone Ranger, his favorite show… watching now, an Evil smiley face, arrows and an almost there!! I thought is was So cute…it made me smile!!


and we wrote i love you signs,  smiley faces and  “smile” for him,  On a different walk!!


We love making our walks apart of our daily routine, Yes we go even when it’s raining or snowing!!   sometimes we do 2.4. Miles, sometimes two.. although we try to go everyday during the week, today was difficult  but hopefully tomorrow we can get out again!!

Walking is a wonderful way to enjoy nature, and at the same time shake the grumpies out!! Hope you can try it! I think you’ll love it!! Always practicing social distancing and mask requirement rules of course!!!

But for now… these signs can apply to you!! Sometimes we just need to watch our favorite shows that motive us, sometimes we need to know someone cares, smile and know we’re almost there!! We can always use encouragement that things will be ok!!   what would your words to someone else be??


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