Running off the cupcakes & clearing the mind!!

Early this morning, I decided go get up & go for a jog!! Oh it felt so good to get out before the humidity, to feel the fresh breeze & enjoy all the green around me!! Love love loved it!! Here’s a few pics from my jog!! I hope you don’t get tired of all the green here, it’s a vacation land this time of year here in Maine!!

Jogging is such a great way to increase those feel good endorphins and burn off those unwanted calories!!

What calories do you want to burn off?? For me this week it has been wonderful celebrating graduations, my sons middle school & my friends sons high school!! Its been yummy Celebrating with cake and yummy cupcakes!! Yumm!! I found that it was hard to say no to a cupcake given to us at a drive by graduation parade 🙂 it’s good peer pressure!! So its ok to get off our diets for a short time but its so important to get back on again too!! 😆

A change in circumstances can throw us for a loop sometimes!! Sometimes its sad when our loved ones cause harm to themselves and causes their health to fail. This can cause us distress and cause us to have some anxieties.. I’ve always wanted to make a long post about Mental health & drugs, & alcoholism & not giving up hope for our loved ones. Maybe I will some day but for now it’s taking it one day at a time, keeping my mental health in check and Raising my family to learn from mistakes & challenges of others. And of course relying on our God thru it all!! It’s not easy sometimes but I feel confident there’s better times ahead. Keeping positive despite challenges is so important.. So getting my mind clear is so important!! So jogging/running/walking is important!! It’s also for you if your dealing with challenging situations!!

Hope youre well, keeping your sanity in these crazy times!! Hope you can stay active & positive 🙂 Have a great day!!

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