How Spring vibes bring on motivation fun, oh so nice!!

This is our spring at the moment!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I hope you’re enjoying the change in the weather too!! I don’t know why but I’m ready to like come out of hibernation mode, could it be the sunnier days, or warmer tempts but I want to do spring cleaning!! I also want to go jogging & I’ve felt like getting my core ready for beach days too!! I’ve even done some strengthening exercises with 4 lb dumb bells!! Could it be due to that sense of shedding all those layers of clothes, boots, hats & gloves that make us feel freeeee!! at Don’t get me wrong I love snow, but now that it’s gone I’m ok with letting these sunny, warmer days roll on in!! 😂

Although we keep active normally, it had felt like I had to force myself to get out & now I want too!! 😆 Hope you guys are motivated to get out more too!!

What are some of your spring cleaning projects you’re thinking of doing? Patio ideas? Virtual parties? Drive by parties? Hiking plans? Camping plans? Exercise goals? Garden goals? I have a funny story about gardening!! If you see stalks of corn growing on my front lawn, that’s my sons farming project!! Oh my, well I think it won’t take away too much from our curb appeal right? Ha, I’ll post pics once he starts it!! What do you do when your trying to inspire your 14 year old, who gets so much joy from planting stuff and wants to plant corn!! Lol

So whatever your projects & plans may be, I hope you can have fun & feel satisfied after!!



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