Over & done with My Vaccine day part 1!!

well its been over a year since this pandemic had taken a hold of the U.S and most of the world!! Its exciting that the goal is for us to be vaccinated to help the spread of COVID-19. And now here we are with a three to choose from & now we are getting Vaccinated!! Woo Hoo!!

There are currently three vaccines authorized in the US, The Pfizer-BioaNTech, Moderna & Johnson & Johnson/Janssen :). Depending on your preference & availability have you received your vaccine? On this post I will share my vaccine adventure that I had yesterday!! And so far little side affects 🙂 woo hoo!!

Yesterday I had my first of two Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccines!! It was really not that bad!! I looked away and poof it was over!! Easy peazy!!

When I first arrived at the location a military service member opened the door for me!! I stood in line, another checked my temp and registered me, another directed me to the station I was to get my vaccine!! So nice!! The women probably nurses were awesome!! So sweet & very friendly!! I was given a 15 minute timer & next directed to sit in a waiting area!! Super cool!!

Why thanks!!
Very helpful!!
These gals were awesome!!
15 minute timer for observation!! I think I felt alittle inflamation in my chest, being asmátic I’m so sensitive to that!! But other than that so far so good 🙂

So i hope this is helpful if your abit nervous to get the vaccine, I also was very nervous!! But it was easy, almost painless!! My arm is abit sore, I feel alittle tired today and maybe a tad bit of inflamation felt in my chest but nothing alittle ibupropen and rest can’t take care of 🙂 so I hope you have a happy vaccine day when and if you get it 🙂 now for me it’s waiting for my next apt in a few weeks 🙂

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!!

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