Why appreciate Hot Air balloons??Great Falls Balloon Festival, Day 2!!

It’s been two days, and four launches in and sadly the Hot air balloons haven’t been able to fly freely in the skies, due to weather conditions! However aren’t we so thankful that this awesome event has been brought to our community! Big thanks to all the Pilots, Event organizers, and the City of Lewiston Auburn!!  I just love this festival, it’s my favorite!!


Yes Many are disappointed but we have so many reasons to appreciate being among the presence of these grandiose Hot Air Balloons! I was amazed to find out the expense involved with owning a hot air balloon, I was talking to a women who worked for the festival in the past and couldn’t believe to find out that some of the balloons cost more than $75,000… wowza.. doing alittle research I found out it can cost anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 +plus for them and more for specialty balloons!! Not including the pilots liscense, insurance and other costs involved!! So yes it’s disappointing  but we have absolutely no reason to complain for a free event , as some have on social media 🙂 for me it gives me more reason to want to see them….they are super cool!

Did you know they are considered registered aircrafts?? Wow!! And Just think that hot air balloons were once the “only  successful human carrying flight technology” ..according to Wikipedia!! As early as 1783¡!  Still scares me to ride in one, I’ll be brave one day but not anytime soon! Lol!

I appreciated seeing one mans reaction to the Balloons, he was just standing there looking up at as one was being blown up in front of him… He said he’d seen them from a distance but never up close.. he was pretty amazed at how big they were! They really are ginormous!! I especially love how bright and fun they are!!

We have one more scheduled launch left and just maybe we’ll get to see them go up!! The festival itself has been wonderful, We loved all the live music, and the fireworks last night were awesome!! My kids loved the carnival, my son just loves the zipper!! I don’t dare get on that again, my husband was brave enough to get on..Heres a look at some of yesterdays fun!!

All Blown UP

Loved watching the Hot air Balloons fill with air and fire their propane…heat!! Yee Haw!, So Pretty!



Overcast Railroad Park, drizzled stalled until about 8pm

Bands & Fireworks

Thanks so much for reading and following along, stay tuned to see what tonight’s fun brings!! Have a wonderful day!!




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