Walking adventures are so rewarding & therapeutic!! Walk by the Lake w bruno!

Good afternoon everyone! What a lovely day this has turned out to be so far, especially after a much needed walk along the lake! Hope you’re having a great day too!! Here’s some of our highlights, unfortunately my phone battery died after taking a few pictures…aww!

Walking along the lake was so beautiful, I truly love nature and being surrounded by Gods creation!! Walking and being in the moment and using your senses is such great therapy! So great especially if you’re dealing with stress or have anxiety and depression!! As you know we are moving and selling our home, I’m telling you that is not a small endeavor, but whenever you’re under stress it’s so important to have a stress management strategy…mine is walking 🙂


Many people turn to other things like drugs, alcohol or even a destructive lifestyle but I encourage you to get outside and enjoy nature and the creation around you… maybe on another post I can share personal stories of others that found comfort and help by being active outdoors and learning and enjoying outdoor hobbies! 🙂

Today started out abit chilly, overcast and sprinkling abit so I wore my winter jacket and 2 pairs of socks but after walking 1.5 miles I had to take my jacket off!! I got really hot!!

I enjoyed listening to the beautiful sounds of nature like the birds singing and chirping, so different from my last walk here with few noises and a lot of the white stuff on the ground! Also listening to the wind blowing thru the trees!! Sounds of running water and brooks flowing and sounds of the lake ..all Along my waking path!!


Also visually, the lake had a layer of fog draping over it which made it look especially beautifully today… sorry no picture but you can just imagine how beautiful it looked on this overcast day….I could also feel a gentle mist coming off the lake as well, That felt so good….

I also enjoyed seeing the green moss and life coming back to bushes, grasses and trees after the winter season….

Here’s me and my trusty companion Bruno! He’s in training to walk next to me without his harness and be less anxious around others!! He did great to both!! Yay!! He is sorta always on guard I noticed… poor fella..but he’ll get there…

So today, we both enjoyed a lovely walk along the lake and ready to tackle our next job, continuing to clean the apartment we’re moving out of and unpacking at our country home!! Yay!


Hope you have a wonderful day, thanks so much for reading, following along and liking my posts!! Have fun with your outdoor activities and exercise goals!! Keep up the great work!


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