Jogging inspiration, help to get out of a mood!!

Hola friends!! Isn’t it so nice outside today!! It really is a gorgeous day!! Todays post is showing how valuable it is to get outside & walk or jog to help with endorphins!! & after talking with a friend of mine, I noticed that exercise helps with restless leg syndrome too! I don’t suffer with that but it’s out there!! Another good reason to exercise 🙂

Isn’t it true though that sometimes we just need alittle pick me up, or a lot of pick me up!! Lol!! 😂😂 So today I decided it was time to get moving!! I’ve been taking it easy lately as to not overdue it but when anxiety & body changes are taking place… even when respiratory issues creep up, best thing for me to do is to get moving!! & Maybe it will help you too!! I know if anything you’ll feel refreshed 🙂


Another friend of mine told me that the first Mile is the hardest!! & it can be…& for my uphill struggles it sure is hard to do one mile, but I remembered what she said and went a second mile!! I can do 3 on flat areas but those steep hills are a killer!! So if I can do it, at a slow & steady space.. walking at times, you can too!! Go ahead & get out there or on your treadmill!! You’ll feel better after too!

best wishes & happy thoughts your way!!

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