Easy Fall Dollar Store BackDrop, under 20 dollars!!

Easy Fall backdrop under 20$

Whats needed!!

2 packs Metal words

7 rolls Ribbon

——-3 orange

——-2 harvest ribbon

with leaf imprint

1 package Maple leaves bag assortment

2 gold colored plates

2 Be Happy frames 🙂 

apx $17.50 not including tax 🙂 


This backdrop is perfect for a fall party or Fall Harvest Celebration! Or Fall Bonfire Party!! Add alittle color & fun!! It doesn’t have to cost alot!! Add some twinkle lights & enjoy!!

I used two plates that where superglued to a painted canvas!  I superglued a word & leaves to it, Cut ribbons to size.. 3 going down on each side & two going across 🙂

Ribbon: super glued leaves & words to ribbons running across & some leaves 6 on each side 🙂

Once it was up I trimmed the bottoms diagonally at the bottom & made sure both sides were equal 🙂




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