Meet Buddy Magnum, the cutest little puppy!!

I’m so happy to introduce our newest addition to the family!! Buddy Magnum!! He’s the cutest dog, his siblings are too 🙂 He’s an Austrian Labradoodle, his mother is an Aussie Doodle & his father is a labradoodle 🙂 so he’s an Aussie Labradoodle:) He’s now 10 weeks old & gaining weight every day!! We’ve had him for two weeks now 🙂 Sadly we lost our Bruno at the start of summer this year, so we wanted to make sure we got a breed that was family friendly & one with a good temperament 🙂 these guys really are so good with people 🙂

What do you think of this sweetheart??
He’s like a real life stuffed plush teddy bear!! Such a sweet boy!! Love him so much already!! It’s funny how we can be attached to these guys so quickly!!

More to come of our Puppy Journey, he’s already shown he’s a good hiking buddy & is a fast little buddy while jogging 🙂


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