How to throw your own Galaxy Royal Ball & Why attend one??

Why attend a Galaxy Royal Ball?? For one it’s a really cool & fun theme to say you went to!! Lol!! & it’s always fun to get together with friends, isn’t it?? & who doesn’t love dressing up & wearing fancy attire!! Some of the colors included in the decorations were blues in deep, royal & light blue to purple!! Of course Stars & sparkles are helpful to place on everything 🙂

First of all, I loved being invited, It was such a nice time! My friend Tioni, her family & friends that put this together did an amazing job!! Everyone had a great time!!

Special details

One of the details I loved was the Galaxy colored cupcakes & the cute non alcoholic bar set up, it just gave the party a nice flair!! Another cute detail was the Galaxy themed gift bags!! Awww  thank you!!


Being a Royal ball, one must dress in Royal garb!! I chose a green sequin dress & bedazzled jewelry 🙂 a sparkling choker to complement!! A few of the friends wore beautiful princes gowns & one even wore a queen outfit!! So cute & creative!! Some of the fellas wore dress shirts with stars on them & ties!! One person wore a dress shirt with planets on it!! Nice!!

What fun??

Besides snacks & dessert, dancing was the activity of the night, did you know dancing is one of my favorite pastimes!!


So you can see, throwing or attending a Galaxy Royal Ball is so much fun!! Throw in some yummy food, dancing, fancy attire & party favors & you’ll have a wonderful memorable occasion!!

If you’re throwing your own I highly recommend twinkle lights & a blue backdrop & some blue metallic balloons 🙂 to compliment the evening 🙂 too!! My suggestions can be found on the link, below 🙂 as an affiliate i receive a small amount, at no extra cost to you… thanks in advance 🙂

items on my Party Mood board can be found here at 🙂


Have fun & enjoy you’re Galaxy Royal Ball!!


Im a mother, blogger and have come to enjoy the wonderful outdoors living in Maine for over 20 yrs!! Its been a whirlwind of change and never ending projects at our homes that helped me see the need to be physically active and work towards healthy eating, and a balanced mind!! My passion in life is inspiring others to make good changes, besides getting out and exercising what has helped me is the bible and its message of hope :) My Blog is all about the many projects in life we have, the good eats-food (vegetarian, and vegan included) that im cooking up in the kitchen, and the gorgeous nature inspiration: all of which helps me feel happy!! I love sharing with you!! follow along & be inspired!!

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