Lovin Squirrels, Lessons from their productivity!!

Are you a squirrel lover? Aren’t they so cute? I Love how they seem to fly thru the air, looking like little cartoon superheroes with their bushy tails looking like capes!! Squirrels have been on television and newspapers in New England lately, apparently there is a boom in the population this year and unfortunately they’ve been getting themselves into a little bit of trouble on the roads and in orchards!!


Farmers are complaining that crops are being damaged by the little bites these fellas leave behind or are eating and ruining fruit like apples and pumpkins!! According to the Lewiston Sun JournalSunJournal, they are also eating things such as “apples, peaches, high-bush blueberries, pumpkins and gourds. In New Hampshire, squirrels have been raiding corn fields, dragging away ears”. Yikes so if you’re a farmer, you’re probably not thinking they are too cute!!  I can’t imagine seeing them dragging away ears of corn!! How funny!! I guess they get hungry too!!


On the road ways here in Maine, these fellas are not quite making it across, so there’s more roadkill across the roadways!! That’s too bad!! I am very grateful I’ve not run over any myself…but I’veIve encountered them on my walks like the other day, as I was walking under a tree, it was raining acorns on my head!! I had to laugh… these guys really are busy collecting for the winter, as i look around, the squirrel had dropped lots of what looked like leftover acorn debris at the bottom of the tree!! I’m not sure if they are collecting the nut part and dropping the hats (that’sthats what we call the top part of the acorn)!! But as you can see here he’s been a busy little guy!! And this is just one Squirrel!!  


One lesson we can learn from them is the importance of getting ready for winter, here in New England we have to prepare our yards for the snow and harsh weather!! There really is a lot to do!! So that means putting away anything that can get ruined or damaged, raking leaves, and doing maintenance to snowblowers and collecting shovels and salt for walkways!! Many people here in Maine use wood stoves, so arrangements for that would be important!! Some people cut their own wood or have it delivered.  Preparing your vehicle would be important, some people change out tires to winter or all season tires  so planning for that would be important to do before the snow hits the ground!! We’re always last minute people, it’s aweful!! The Fall is a bit early for studded snow tires, which are tires with spikes, we have to wait until its legal apparently October 1st and i would wait alittle longer until it gets colder and signs of snow is near  🙂  but we can write them in on our schedule!! So you wont be caught slipping and sliding or in an accident!! So we can be eager squirrels too! 

So now squirrels have made it into my blog too!! Lol!! My kids and I think they are so cute, so i just had to make a post about them!! Thanks for reading!! Enjoy your day!! Have fun getting ready for winter!!


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