Taking care of yourself!! Why not take a Mental health break!!

Day off!!

Who doesn’t Love and need a day off from time to time!!  A time to rejuvenate your mind and body, an opportunity to de-stress, or just veg out on the couch, watching your favorite Tv series, Netflix, AmazonPrime or whatever you like on a screen!!

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Today is my day off!! I am so excited to do some of the things I Love!! Ive already done some bible reading and studying which I love!! I have so many things To get caught up on like housework,  pay bills and find inspiration for all the projects we have going on, I do feel like my tittle should be project coordinator sometimes!! My other love is going for a walk and getting my exercise for the day!! So before i get things done at home i will take care of me…

What do you like to do on your day off?

Taking care of Self!!

It’s so true we need to take care of ourselves!! Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and spiritually? What can you do today to take care of you? As a mother, I know life can get hectic, my life seems to be that way lately!! I even have a special visitor staying for a month!! Yikes!! But taking care of everyone else can and will eventually drain you and leave you a frazzled mess, so why not step back alittle and get something done for you!!

Some suggestions to help you be your best self!!

Organizing: why is this so helpful?? While it doesn’t seem like something you dream of doing on your day off, why is this so helpful and in the long run useful? Well thats it, in the long run your days will run smoother. When your kiddos are looking for their shoes to get to school on time, you and they will know where to look!! Socks? Are your kiddos always looking for socks? Mine seeem to!! Well with everything in its place you’ll be living with less stress!! So when you take care of you, youre in turn taking care of your family in a lot of ways!! That can even motivate you to look at things that way so it doesn’t seem like a difficult chore!!

So for me, that is what i will focus on after my exercise today,  tidying and organizing for the week:) maybe i wont be able to everything but ill do what i can.. and you can do that too 🙂 set some practical goals and go for it!

Taking care of ourselves physically & mentally!! Oh so important 😉 once I dropped the kiddos off at school, I did one of my favorite classical stretch exercises!! Im a total fan of Miranda-Esmonde-White!! She’s amazing, after doing these exercises I felt amazing too!! She’s on PBS, and you can also order her DVd’s On Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Dt5rEP

Classical Stretch: Miranda Esmonde-White: Stress Release Series/Special. (2014) A Physical fitness regiment that combines yoga, Tai chi, Pilates and ballet Techniques.

Walking:With keeping with my walking challenge, i love getting out and walking so thats something i enjoyed doing today!! So now getting home and having lunch im ready to do alittle organizing, laundry and cleaning 🙂  Walking is such a wonderful way to clear your head and de-stress, wonderful way to spend some time off from your busy schedule!! Here are some pics from our walk today!! Isn’t Bruno so cute!! Hes a great walking buddy!! Excuse the make-up free look 🙂


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I love Finding inspiration to keep up with the demands of being a mother, wife and project coordinator!! Lol! I love getting ideas on Organizing, Tiny home ideas, kitchen and bathroom, food ideas, craft and party ideas!! Yes I’m involved with all the above!! Lol!!  Pinterest is a great resources for whatever you Love! YouTube is great also! Surf the web!! Set a time limit and have fun!!

So I hope you have a wonderful day off!! It’s about you and your needs :).  Enjoy to the full!! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment!!

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